The Echo of Love

On January 2021, Aiki Flinhart published an anthology described as:

Futures and pasts, Fearless and Frightening.

Relics, Wrecks, and Ruins is a must-read collection for all fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. A celebration of legacy.
* Bizarre remnants of a lost civilisation emerge from the ice.
* The ghosts of a drowned town wait to be awakened.
* A witch with a dragon problem.
* What Elvis will do to protect his fellow artists from annihilation.
* An ancient spaceship carries the last, fragmented memories of Earth.
* Broken souls of the dead are passed on to the new-born.
…These and many more tales showcase the hopes, remnants, and fears of humanity.

In this collection is a story set in the Sentients of Orion world, entitled “The Echo of Love.”

Runnalong the Shelves described it as:

The Echo of Love by Marianne de Pierres – a rather obnoxious human expert is asked by the space station management to interview a strange casket that may contain an alien. A story that mixes understanding of language, love with something eerie building to a memorable finale. A lovely puzzle of of a tale for the reader to solve.

The full table of contents includes:

Washing the Plaid by Juliet Marillier
The Names of the Drowned are These by Angela Slatter
The God Complex by Jan-Andrew Henderson
A Malediction on the Village by Garth Nix
In Opposition to the Foe by Pamela Jeffs
The Echo of Love by Marianne de Pierres
16 Minutes by Jasper Fforde
American Changeling by Mary Robinette Kowal
Pattern on Stone by James S.A. Corey
The Wreck of the Tartarus by Lee Murray
Six-String Demon by Sebastien de Castell
The Shard by Ian Irvine
The Wind and the Rain by Robert Silverberg
Thaw by Mark Lawrence
Morgan of the Fay by Kate Forsyth
Geisha Boy by Kylie Chan
Cosmic Spring by Ken Liu
Dreams of Hercules by Cat Sparks
River of Stars by David Farland
The Mirror in the Mirror by Jack Dann
Relict (noun) A Widow; a thing remaining from the past by Alison Goodman
Heartbreak Hotel by Dirk Flinthart
The Movers of the Stones by Neil Gaiman

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