The Echo of Love in Cosmos

goetia_girls_alien_girl_ufo_abduction_lucid_dreamI’m delighted to say that my new Sentients of Orion short story The Echo of Love has been sold to Cosmos Magazine. I’m not sure which edition it will be in, but I’ll share details when I know.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the story was based on a dream. It’s the first time I’ve ever written a story in this way, but the fact that the memory of it stayed with me for several years before I wrote it, suggests there was something important I needed to explore.

It’s a story about the limitations of personal perception and is set on a space station.

New Sentients Of Orion Review

Over at HumanitysDarkerSide they had this to say about the series:

I really liked all four books of “Transformation Space”. I wanted to keep on reading from one book to the next and had to struggle to put them down. The characterization was interesting and de Pierres style of writing, catching.

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